A Love Story of Second Chances

A Love Story of Second Chances

October 22, 2018 Uncategorized

How can a relationship last a lifetime?

Here we can witness the love story of second chances, an extraordinary love–a love that proves what the Bible says in Corinthians: Love is patient, kind,…keeps no record of wrongs…always hope & perseveres.

In a marriage, we have to realize that it will only be blessed when we are in harmony with our family and loved ones, especially parents–for they are all God’s gifts to the couple, His instruments for His purposes, though this may not be recognized outright, perhaps today or later on.

Above all, it is when God’s loving mercy and grace act upon two individuals that He made for each other in His absolute will.

Monina: “It was all about grace–God’s grace. And He used you to make Him known to me. Now I know what true love means–It is pure and unconditional.

Richard: “With the deepest joy I receive you in my life, that together we may be as one, as Christ to His body, the Church, so to you as loving and faithful husband.

To God be all the glory.

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